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Arts Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Covered Pot, Pewter, Asian
2 Head Statue, Plaster Mache
3 Sampler, Framed Under Glass 1799
4 Mlambo The Family of 3 Sculpture
5 Monet Print, The Seine Near Argenteuil, Framed
6 Shepherd, R. Atkinson Fox
7 Set of 4 Oriental Pictures, Floral
8 Nude Lady Statue, Royal Dux
9 Pewter Framed Tile, Plate. Ship, Sailing
10 Carved Crucifix, Wood, Christ on Cross
Asian & African Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Black Lady Sculpture, Carving
2 Samurai Helmet Display item
3 Samurai Helmet, Display item
4 Japanese 7 Sisters Statue, porcelain
5 Glass Flower display
6 Black Onyx Stone Figurine
7 Black Onyx Stone Figurine
8 African Wood Sculpture, Bust
Books Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Household Searchlight Recipe Book 1937 Cookbook
2 Audels Plumbers & Steam Fitters Guide Set 1925 1st Ed.
3 Betty Crocker Recipe Card Library w/Box
4 The Crisis Book Winston Churchill 1901
5 Stories For Christmas Book Mary Virginia Robinson
6 Vacuum Tube Voltmeters Book Rider
7 Flying Fortress Book Jablonski B-17
8 The Great Northern Trail Book Cushman
9 The Fellowship of the Ring CD Recorded Book Set
10 The Two Towers CD Recorded Book Set
Boxes & Tea Caddies Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Woven Wood Jewelry Box, Lined
2 Goldtone Metal & Glass Box
3 Shesham Wood, Handcarved Box
4 Copper, Brass Figural Covered Box
5 Jewelry Box, Godinger Silverplate
6 Silverplate Round Covered Box
7 Wood Box, Hinged Mirrored Lid
8 Brass Enameled Egg Container on Stand
9 Lacquerware Box, Mirrored
10 Dutch Canal Boat Wood Box, Candy, Hinged
Clocks Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 E. Ingraham 8 Day Clock, Lamp on Top
2 Clock, Howard Miller Orbital, Timberwolves
3 Clock, Wind Up Montclair E Ingraham Co.
4 3 Owls Clock, Plaster, Elec. Lanshire
5 Clock, Mastercrafters Waterfall, Electric
6 Alarm Clock, Electric, Globe
7 Hammond Elec. Date and Time Clock, Deco
8 Hammond Electric Clock, Cathedral Style
9 Land O Lakes Award Clock, Electric
10 General Electric Wall Clock
Decorative Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Metal School Bus Bank
2 Ronson Vera Flame Gas Candles
3 Glass Pig Piggy Bank, Consolidated Nutrition
4 Set of 3 Auto Plaques, Midwest co.
5 Plaque, Homco Metal, Corn Sheller
6 Bell, Silverplate, Petite
7 Sexton Airplane Wall Plaque
8 Vintage Auto Wall Plaque, Sexton, Large
9 Plaque Boy Building Tree House Sexton
10 Minute Man wall Plaque, Sexton
Dolls & Bears Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Betty Boop Race Car Driver Doll
2 Raggedy Ann Doll
3 Engineer Toy Bear Doll, Plush
4 Smokey The Bear Doll, Badge, Ideal Toy Co.
5 Nun Doll, Handcrafted, Yarn, Plastic
6 Ronald McDonald Doll, With Whistle
7 Desk Dollhouse Drop Front Hand Painted Penn Dutch
8 Crochet Dress/Vinyl Doll
9 Tootsie Toy Chairs (3) Doll House Diecast
10 Majorette Doll, Microphone, Mattel
Figurines Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Shoe Slipper Figurine Composite Material
2 Cat, Kitten Figurine, Brown, Tan
3 Set of 4 Oriental Figurines, Porcelain
4 Yellow Bird Figurine, Lefton
5 Elephant, Sitting, Figurine
6 Eagle Silverplated Sculpture, Figurine
7 Dog, Pearlized finish, Glass Eyes
8 Cat Kitty Figurine, Stylized, Lefton
9 Happiness Bird, Blue Satin Glass
10 Rabbit, Bunny Glass Figurine Satinized
Furniture Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Antique Metal Bed Frame Twin Size
2 Antique Metal Bed Frame Twin Size
3 Ice Cream Parlor Table Glass Top w/Chairs
4 Antique Iron Sofa lounge Couch 69 inch Long
5 Bookcase Ornate Carving 19th Cent Lions
6 Fireplace Screen, Folding Brasstone
7 Childs Chair, Rosemaled
8 Childs Chair
9 3 pc. set Wood Toy Furniture
10 AIR KING Radio AM SW SB No. 4604-F Veneer Wood Cabinet
Glass Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Black Glass Vase, Handled Decorated
2 Sulphide Marble, Blue Tint, Puppy Dog
3 Apple Paperweight, Gibson Red Canival Glass
4 Covered Compote, Candy Dish, Bittersweet Color
5 Vase, Green Glass
6 Bowl, Diane Pattern, Clear Glass
7 Centerpiece Bowl, Footed, Etched, Pressed
8 Set of 12 Church Christmas Plates, amethyst Carnival
9 tray Cake Plate, Fostoria Etched ptn. Baroque
10 Ashtray, Green Crackle Glass
Jewelry Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Faux Pearl Cuffs, Bracelet
2 Necklace, Faux Pearls, Goldtone
3 Watch Fob? Hair, Mourning Memento
4 Watch Fob, Hair, Gold
5 Enameled Butterfly Goldtone Pin
6 Dalmation Dog Pin, Trifari
7 Goldtone Timer, Phone on Chain
8 Silver Plated? Coin Bracelet
9 Mens Goldtone Tie Bar, Cuff Links, Orig. Box
10 Alligator Skin Jewerly Box Chest w/Drawers
Maps, Atlases, Globes Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Antique Map Cuba & Panama 1907
2 Antique Map Denmark & Sweden, Norway 1907
3 Antique Map Abyssinia & Oceania 1907
4 Antique Map Egypt & Algeria, Tunis 1907
5 Antique Map Luzon Island Manila 1907 Solar System
6 Antique Map Hawaii & New Zealand Figi 1907
7 Map Mexico & Central America 1907 Rand McNally
8 Map Colorado & New Mexico 1907 Rand McNally
9 Map Nevada & Arizona 1907 Rand McNally
10 Map California & San Francisco 1907 Rand McNally
Metalware Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Round Covered Butter Dish, Vintage Silver Platae
2 50 pc. set Flatware, Wallace Sterling,
3 Tray Silverplate Black Glass, Pheasant
4 Tray, Aztec Silver, Abalone
5 Bell, Unicorn, Brass
6 Brass Teapot, Vintage, Approx. 3 Cup
7 Vintage Eagle Trivet Cast Iron
8 Drapery Tiebacks, Brass, Pr.
9 Tumbler, Williamsburg Stieff
10 Candle Snuffer, Silverplate, International Co.
Militaria Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Hinges, Brass, Military
2 USN clutchback Pin, Chief Petty Officer
3 Reloading Tool WCF 32
4 Whistle Brass Meyer WWII Military w/Chain
5 Brass Belt Buckle, Civil War?
6 Badge, Wings, Metal Clutch Back
7 Plate, Navy Officers Mess
8 Paperweight, Air Force Reserve Recruiting Service
9 Helmet, Liner, US Military, WW1
10 Whistle, Solid Brass
Miscellaneous Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Buck 110 Folding Knife, 100 yr. Ed.
2 Lantern, Union Carbide
3 Aladdin Hanging Lamp with Smoke Bell
4 Glass Light or Fixture Shade
5 Stained Glass 3 Way Electric Lamp
6 Glass Shade, Small Size
7 Cedar box. Park Rapids Minn.
8 Elec. Lamp, Stained Glass Flower
9 Stained Glass Lamp, Electric
10 Santa Christmas Hanger
Music & Instruments Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Musical Doll Music Box Heritage House
2 Angel Music Box, Porcelain
3 Captain Kangaroo, Good Morning Captain
4 Capt. Kangaroo, Horse in Striped Pajamas
5 Music Box, Wind Up, See Through
6 Pitch Pipe, W. Kratt, Original Box
7 Music Box Wood Manger Christmas
8 Hohner Harmonica, The Echo Harp
9 Hohner Grand Prix Harmonica
10 M. Hohner Harmonica, Echo, Bell Metal Reeds
Paper & Ephemera Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 1918 Calendar Fulda Minnesota
2 Girl Praying Picture, Thermometer
3 Girl with Puppy Picture, Thermometer Nelson Oil Co.
4 Goldtone Cross Bookmark, Orig. Box
5 Photo Postcards Miniature Sorrento Italy 16 PC
6 Photo Postcards Miniature Pompei Italy Vintage
7 Postcard Lot New York 62 Pc Collection
8 Postcard Lot Europe Japan Egypt Israel Canada 77 PC
9 Vintage Postcard Lot Birthdays Greetings 1900's 78PC
10 Postcard Lot Valentines New Years Easter 49PC
Pens & Writing Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Marble Pen Holder
2 Pencil Sharpener, Boston, Hand Crank
3 Tooled Leather Note, Desk Pad
4 Brass Desk Set, Inkwells, Letter Opener, Corners
5 Advertising Inkwell, Glass, Bakelite?
6 2 Inkwells, Tray Holder, Sengbusch
7 Onyx Desk Blotter
8 Esterbrook Inkwell,
9 Desk Organizer, Bakelite? Plastic?
10 Wax Sealer, Hopkins Minn.
Photography Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Realist Stereo Camera, Tripod, Attachnments
2 Realist Stereo Viewer, Elec. Battery
3 Kodak Folding Camera, 35mm No. 1701
4 Hallmark Photo Album + Inserts
5 Stereopticon, Viewer
6 Kodak Brownie Camera & Flash Attachment
7 Projection Table Top Viewer
8 Canon Zoom Lens
9 Stereo Graflex Camera with Flash
10 Konica, Camera ,Attachments, Orig. Case
Pottery & Ceramics Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Pr. Shoes, Slippers, Delft
2 Plate, Copeland England, 3 Wisemen
3 Creamer, KPM Silesia, Blue Floral
4 Covered Sugar, Gold Trim, Blue Floral
5 Cup and Saucer Set, Bavaria Blue Floral
6 Plate, Bavaria Hutschenreuther, Blue Floral
7 Lincoln MN. Community Church Plate
8 Randall MN. Old School Centennial Plate
9 Randall Mn. Centennial Plate, 1990
10 Mini Pot, VAse, Nemadji Pottery
Primitives Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Cow Bell, Copper Finish
2 Green Stone Flask, Container, Aztec?
3 Primitive Scoop for Grain Flour Coffee Hand Carved
4 Tramp Art Bank, Wood, Handcarved
5 Laundry Plunger, Stomper,
6 Wire Gathering Basket, Eggs, Fruit, Vegetables
7 Treenware Boxes 2 Pc Miniatures Nice Patina
8 Primitive Tool Box w/ Tray Solid Wood Great Patina
9 Stoneware Bottle
10 Fireplace Wood/Leather Bellows
Scientific Instruments Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Galileo Thermometer
2 Vintage Telescope Hand Held 5 Sections
3 Bausch and Lomb Balscope 10x Spotting Scope
4 Magnifying Glass, Hand Held, Bausch & Lomb
5 Tyler Standard Screen Scale, Copper
6 Brass, Cast Iron Balance Scale, Hanging
7 Star Vibrator Antique Set Fitzgerald Mfg. + Box
8 Henry Troemner Weight Set Chrome & Case
9 Thermometer, Barometer, Hygrometer Wall Hung
10 Landers Scale Improved Circular Spring Balance
Sports Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Vintage Frog Spear Head Cast Brass Steel Tines
2 Faulk's Duck, Goose Call In orig. Box
3 Shakespeare Level Wind Reel No. 1973 + Box
4 Audubon Bird Call
5 Federal Duck Stamp Collection, '34-'75
6 Powder Horn, Huge!
7 Billiard, Pool Balls, Rack
8 Cool Cat Battery Op. Fish Plaque
9 Musket Nipple Wrench
10 Binoculars, 3 x 38 Vintage, Germany
Stamps & Coins Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
Textiles Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Sewing Notions Cabinet w/Drawers Vintage not marked
2 Tapestry, Woven Wool, Fringed
3 Horsehide Buggy, Lap Robe
4 Lap, Buggy Robe , Antique
5 Pillow Cover, Swan Decorated. Velvet,
6 Runner, Tapestry, Bears in Woods
7 Tapestry Table Cover, Throw
8 Quilt Twin Size 60 x 75 inch Forget Me Not
9 Quilt Throw Size 57 x 72 inch Old Brick Road
10 Quilt Throw 55 x 71 Tuscan Sunset Crazy 4 Patch
Tools Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 North Bros. Yankee 41 Push Drill w/ 3 Jaw Chuck Adapter
2 North Bros. Yankee 41 Push Drill w/ 3 Jaw Chuck Adapter
3 Williams SUPERRENCH Combination Wrench Set
4 Williams SUPERCOMBO Combination Wrench Set
5 Universal Wrench Speed Adjustable 8 inch
6 Williams Ratchet Wrench 1/2 inch S-50 Antique
7 Williams Locking Adjustable Wrench APL-10 SUPERJUSTABLE
8 Diamond Slip-Joint Combination Pliers Vintage Duluth
9 CEE TEE Slip-Joint Combination Pliers Vintage Crescent
10 Columbian Woodworking Vise Speed Jaws 7R
Toys & Hobbies Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Chinese Solitaire Druekes
2 Dominoes Dragon Double 6 Milton Bradley
3 Tweety Bird Plush Toy 1996
4 Model T Ford Auto, Metal,
5 Winnie The Pooh Crank Type Pop Up Box
6 Toe Joe Ohio Art Swinging Clown Mechanical
7 Mr. Potato Head Memory Game, Hasbro
8 Dominoes Double 6 Dragon, Milton Bradley
9 Hubley Diesel Roller, Kiddie Toy
10 Toy Cast Iron Taxi, Auto
Vanity Items Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Dresser Set 3 pc. International Silver Co.
2 3 pc. Dresser Set, Silverplate in Orig. Box
3 Memo Holder, Metal, Glass, Hand Clips
4 Silverplate 3 pc. Dresser Set
5 Perfume Bottle, Crackle Glass, Pump Style
6 Hand Mirror, Cobalt Blue Glass
7 Curling Iron, Hotpoint, Electric
8 Razor, Schick, Mens, Single Edge Blade
9 Folding Comb, Plastic
10 Hand/Purse Mirror Silverplate
Vintage Apparel Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Metal Buckle, Masonic?
2 Harley Davidson Eagle Buckle Set, Ltd. Ed.
3 Drawstring Pouch Type Purse, Pearl beaded
4 Faux Pearl Beaded Purse, Goldtone Clasp
5 Native American Buckle, Pewter, Bergamot
6 Razor, Original Box, Keen Kutter, Simmon's
7 Scissors, 6.5 in. long, Keen Kutter
8 Scissors, Simmon's Keen Kutter
9 Simmon's Keen Kutter Scissors
10 Singer Buttonholer, For Slant Needle
Vintage Kitchenware Top 10 (by Latest Addition)
Rank  Title
1 Oil Vinegar Dispensers Pr. Gemco
2 Big Bird Cake Pan, Wilton
3 Thomas the Train Engine Cake Pan, Wilton
4 Metal Tray, Silver, Embossed Fruit Ptn.
5 38 Pc. Flatware in Wood Case, Stainless Steel
6 Platter, Yellow Flower on White, Knowles
7 Double Skillet, Griswold, Cast Iron
8 Teapot, Pyrex Flameware
9 1 qt. covered Sauce Pot Revere Ware
10 Spatula, Coppertone Metal

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