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Dear collector friends: my name is Gisela and I am a private seller at . This is my new dedicated exclusively to bivalves. Another dedicated to gastropods is soon going online. The seashell offered here comes from my personal collection and was taken many years ago; please read the following description carefully and be advised that all rules as postulated by for private sellers apply to all my transactions. Thank you for your continued interest and friendship, best wishes from Gisela Zoila episema 67.7mm GEM+ RARE UNIQUE GIANT PERFECT BEAUTY FROM PRIVATE SHELL COLLECTION1. Identification ref b037: Zoila episema (Iredale, 1939), Cape Flaming, islets off West End, Rottnest Island, Western Australia, on reef covered with soft coral and sponges in 28m depth. Lot 8B/6f. 2. Description: Giant size, in fact this shell hardly gets any larger without becoming actually blurred and rather undesirable. My shell is super maturer and heavy, and of rarest perfection which calles for gem+ grading, a fact which is absolutely astonishing at such dimensions when it comes to this subspecies which is given as maximum size at the famous gastropods page as 66mm compared to the massive 90mm for episema. The most surprising fact about this piece is a unique rainbow iridescence along the line between the dorsum and the lateral color change. And the base is extremely mature and thick of uniform milky white color with a touch of yellow, there is no window as you may expect from shells as you may find in the trade in general. The dorsum itself is a color of antique tortoiseshell with incomparable hues of dark and glossy red among the amber colored dorsum, a piece of flashing beauty collected from a very nice population which is mostly unknown outside Australia. Any imperfections you might detect on the pictures are due to my lack in professional skill when taking pictures of these dark and glossy shells. Preserved to perfection and after almost three decades in collections still as fresh and glossy as if it had been collected a few days ago. Only shells taken at the perfect moment of full maturity and kept under controlled conditions will stand the test of time, and this is one of these pieces. Outstanding and much more valuable than you might think, you will see eventually when holding the shell on your hand and then you will agree that this is indeed a special offer. 3. Pictures: All pictures are recently taken from the original shell which is actually offered for sale; in the process of photographing I employed a 14Mb Camera, and I guarantee for all my pictures that they are not retouched in any way: they represent the respective shell as is, in highest resolution, and they were taken from different angles in order to make clearly visible all the finest details, and there is nothing to hide. All these pictures (and additional ones you might wish to see) are available on request; please feel free to contact me by e-mail to obtain them. All pictures as published here remain my property and are copyright-protected. 4. Size: Shells are measured by plastic calliper, and size is given in millimetres. Please allow a slight degree of variation since this is not a digital measurement. The size given is always the largest extension of the respective specimen: in snails this is usually the length from apex to siphon, but in some cases the measurement from the tip of the shoulder (or wing) to the siphon is larger, and consequently the size given; in spiny shells the size always includes the spines, that goes for snails as much as for bivalves like the spiny oyster; bivalves are generally easy to measure but please keep in mind that in Pectinidae the largest size is usually from the left ear diagonally over the body. If in doubt please ask for more information.5. General remarks: My private collection of seashells was acquired during more than four decades, and I was lucky to benefit from personal contacts all over the world at an early stage. It all started in 1956 when visiting London where I came across a venerable old Chinaman running a curious restaurant in Soho: nothing much about shells you think? Well, he wanted to introduce me to culinary aspects of giant clams and I was hooked instantly, but not on the dish he served, in fact I did never come to appreciate the meat of bivalves much less snails! Coming to the point I left London six months later with several Tridacna shells of enormous dimensions. In the following years I always carried shells when travelling and especially the 70's, glorious times which were the true heydays of incredible plenty combined with a still poorly developed market for the amateur conchologist. Most shells came in exchange and only slowly I started to form a relationship with some prestigious dealers and over the years many of my most important pieces came from sources which have been famous in their time, mostly from Thomas and Paula Honker of Florida, or Mr. P. Clover, just to name two of my regular suppliers in the USA; I also ventured to have shells directly imported from South Africa (the Meyer collection) and thanks to my particular knowledge of South America I was always having very interesting material from Spanish speaking countries, from Caribbean down to Patagonia. Many of these areas are long closed and shells are only available from old collections like in the case of Galapagos (I consider myself lucky to know Dr. Gustavo Noboa personally) or more recently the Noumea Lagoon of New Caledonia (some of its treasures came to me via the Pierson collection).6. Shipping and Export Permits: Shipping expenses as indicated are for standard air mail only. Excellent packing and handling is always free of charge. Registration is optional, and I strongly recommend to register all parcels for your safety, please indicate when ordering and add the optional USD 5.00 charge once for each parcel. For valuable shells I suggest in some cases value declared and fully insured. When ordering more than one shell then please feel free to ask for postage quotation, there might be a considerable discount available: as a general rule, I only charge actual shipping expenses. Some countries outside the European Community may require special documentation for customs including protected wildlife and fishery certificates and, in some cases, CITES. All these certificates can be obtained for you on request at actual cost, please contact me for further details.7. Special requests: Please don't hesitate to contact me personally to discuss special requests, I shall be glad to attend you by e-mail individually and share my knowledge of seashells with you.8. Returns: Any shell can be returned within three days of receipt, no questions asked. Please note that this is strictly a private sale, and I do offer this service on a voluntary basis to all collectors. I kindly ask buyers to make themselves responsible for all shipping expenses involved, and I expect to receive the returned shell in exactly the same condition as sent. The refund given as merchandise credit can be used on any other item from my store without any restrictions.
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