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Sold High Grade Stabilized Orvil Jack Turquoise. Maisel/Bell Treasure For Sale

Sold High Grade Stabilized Orvil Jack Turquoise. Maisel/Bell Treasure

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Sold High Grade Stabilized Orvil Jack Turquoise. Maisel/Bell Treasure:

Incredible Orvil Jack "turquoise" - 110 grams or 550 carats - 100% gem-quality.This sale is for "Orvil Jack" from the Blue Ridge Turquoise claim - 110 grams. Technically the high grade yellow/greens are usually faustite, but are also called "Orvil Jack", after the first miner that claimed it, while the blues from the same claim are Blue Ridge Turquoise. The greens and high yellows are very rare and sought after. Only recently, we decided to sell a little of our high-grade Orvil Jack, and it is from my personal stash. We keep most of the Orvil, stabilized and natural hard, for our own cabochons.This is for high-grade cutting. What you see is what you get.This came from the Bell Trading Post and Maurice Maisel Trading Post/Sunbell scrap collections. We have chain of custody and command back to Sunbell and likely they were purchasing directly from Orvil Jack himself years before as Bell. We believe Sunbell also got some greens from Blue Ridge in the late 70s - but at some point in this lineage, this Orvil Jack joined the collection. This material is incredible. It is super hard. I can’t say enough good about it. It is a lapidary quality. Some of these nuggets are almost transparent and glassy. Its amazing. Buy it. This material is stabilized.

You know how stories are. Lots of versions. But one version of this Blue Ridge story is that Orvil Jack spent years focusing on the blue turquoise, not producing too many greens and yellows - which although is called "turquoise" by most of us is apparently the zinc rich analogue of turquoise.)Decades later - so goes the story - when the green came more into demand, Orvil went back in his old age looking for the leftover greens and yellows. He searched the tailings with some family members or friends, where he had been discarding the greens for decades. But the "Orvil Jack" super-greens that were discarded were mostly lost forever or buried, and difficult to find much of in the ongoing operation. Now whether the story is true or not, one thing is for sure - almost all of the super-greens and yellows came out of Blue Ridge only in or after the 1980s. But this material was no longer collected after 1980 by Sunbell/Bell. So this is a very early super green from OJ/Blue Ridge! There is very little of this available today anywhere, other than blues from the same claim. The greens are mostly gone, or mostly hoarded.But you can still see some blue turquoise that is mined from the same "Blue Ridge" turquoise claim by the same family - but bye bye greens.It’s a wonderful story, it's a sadly classic mining story, becausenow we all want the green! Grab a little here! Buy with peace of mind.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back.


Shipping & Handling COSTon this item includes a living wage for the stockroom.For shipping discount requests,please make three or more purchases totalingat least $100- (1) please request a combinedinvoice and (2) wait for the invoice before paying. A response will be forthcoming within 24 hours. Must purchase 3 items minimum for 10-40% shipping discount - varies to the item value. Keep in mind that we pay for extra insurance - actual value (more than our prices) and we pay a living wage for a stocker.Return Policy:Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back! Shipped with USPS First Class. Terms: Will send with equal insurance to purchase price. Returns allowed, but refund must wait until the order has been received BACK by our shipping department. You MUST pay out of pocket for shipping and insurance to send back for a refund. Also, we MUST receive the item without it getting lost in the USPS on a send back, or you will have to file insurance for a refund, rather than get one in . If the order is confirmed as lost by the USPS when we sent it, we will refund, and we will wait to collect the insurance. But to refund a lost USPS order, we must have confirmation from the USPS FIRST that it is lost So a refund on a lost package can take a few weeks. If the order is lost when you send it back, you will NOT receive the refund because you will be the only one able to collect the insurance.We must receive the return to refund your money!1932-2020 Turquoise Kingschain ofcustodyand command timeline:Our provenance and chain of custody is currently being published and is easy to find under our company name.Turquoise Kings has exclusive possession to what we believe to be the largest known collection in the world of turquoise scrap from the well-known Rt 66 Indian Trading posts of the 1930s to the 1970s. This chain of custody is imperative to trace: the mines that are easily and historically established, and so it lends authority to our mine identification. AfterFred Harvey alone, JackMichelsonand Maurice Maiselarethe giants who built the modern NativeAmericanjewelry andsouvenirindustry. Some names below are not revealed to protect privacy. This is a timeline that follows the custodyof this scrap from 1932 in the original Bell Trading Post, until we purchased it all from the estate of that family that owned Bell/Sunbell.

  • 1939: Maurice Maisel founds his Indian Trading Post, always saving rareturquoisescraps from Nativeartists.
  • 1932: Jack Michelson founds the famous Bell Trading Post, also saving decades of factory turquoise scraps.
  • Maurice Maisel employees sort scrap various ways, bagging and tagging some high grade, buried in buckets.
  • Bell employees mix scraps of 30s-40s with jewelry copper bits. Our experts dated our Bell scraps w/hallmarks!
  • 1968: Michelsonfamily/Bell Trading Post famously bought out Maisel. Some scrap was utilized, some saved.
  • Sunbell became thebrainchild the company global.
  • 1970 on: Corinthianjewelry from theSunbell scrap collectionbecomesHUGE as combined scraps were cut.
  • After 1980: the Michelson family retired the Sunbell Company. The turquoise scraps disappeared into history.
  • 2017: We heard NewMexicostories about scrap buckets from the Route 66 original Indian Trading Posts.
  • 2018: Our family discovers a way to the family that purchasedthecollection, whograciously sell some scraps.
  • 2020: Our family is asked indirectly through a mutual friend to purchase the entire, verified scrap collection.
  • 2020: After the buy out, some scrap buckets were found to have sorted material buried in bags, some tagged.
  • 2020: All identified mines/buckets had proper provenance leading to that conclusion in mine in this scrapcollection that was stabilized is byMauriceMaisel, LW Hardy, or the Michelson family of Bell/Sunbell.
  • Some natural and/or high grade material was found after the final purchase, buried in loose buckets, bagged, tagged, identified.
  • All material was purchased in the first person from the Michelson/Bell/Sunbell legal estate.

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