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Clay Tempered Folded Katana Handmade Japanese Samurai Sharp Sword Real Hamon For Sale

Clay Tempered Folded Katana Handmade Japanese Samurai Sharp Sword Real Hamon

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Clay Tempered Folded Katana Handmade Japanese Samurai Sharp Sword Real Hamon :

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Clay Tempered Folded Katana Handmade Japanese Samurai Sharp Sword Real Hamon Product Description GENERAL DATAOVERALL LENGTH:103 cm / 40.6 inchBLADE LENGTH: 70 cm / 27.6 inchTSUKA LENGTH: 26 cm / 10.24 inchBLADE WIDTH: 3.2 cm / 1.26 inchBLADE THICKNESS: 0.7 cm / 0.28 inchBLADE HRC: 60BLADE CRAFTBLADE CRAFT: fully hand folded forged by 15 times (32786 layers), hand polished, clay hardened, water quenchingBLADE MATERIAL: folded 1095 carbon steelBLADE SHAPE: shinogidukuriNAKAGO: full tangHAMON: real hamon, clay hardened lineSHARPNESS: ★★★★★MIRROR EFFECT: ★★★★★MOUNTINGSTSUKA(HANDLE): hard wood core, hinerimakiMEKUGI: 2 bamboo pegsTSUKA-ITO: black & yellow synthetic silk cordSAMEGAWA: genuine white rayskinFUCHI / KASHIRA: bamboo pattern, brassMENUKI: bamboo pattern, brassTSUBA(HAND GUARD): ironSEPPA: high quality brassHABAKi: high quality brass engraved with arrow rainSAYA: lacquered black wooden scabbard engraved with bamoo, wrapped by yellow & brown specialized sageoPACKAGE1 sword with saya1 black cotton bagNOTICESword display holder(stand) is not includedManual measurement error range 1-2 cm
Change accessories Additional Service Sword Noun Explananation About us Delivery details Change accessories Alloy Tsuba

Iron TsubaBrass Tsuba


Tsuka-ito is the wrapping of the tsuka and sageo (下緒 or 下げ緒) is a hanging cord that is passed through the hole in the kurigata (栗形) of a Japanese sword's saya.


Samegawa(鮫皮)is the ray or shark skin wrapping of the tsuka (handle/hilt).


The saya is a wooden scabbard for the blade; traditionally done in lacquered wood.

Additional Service

It isfreefor engraving English words,Chinese characters and Japanese Kanji.

You need pay additional $20 for engraving patterns (dragon, lion, etc.) or other logos. Hamon We can add or remove the machine-made wavy hamon for free.
Bo-hi ( Blood Groove) Usually thought be used for bloodletting only. It is also used to lighten the weight of the sword. We can add or remove Bo-hi for free SharpnessMost of our blades are sharp. We can also make the blade unsharpened for free if you require. Colored BladeIf you want to change to a different color blade, please contact us before purchase. Matching Swords SetIf you buy one katana, we can make a matching Wakizashi or Tanto for you. The price varies from different swords. Please contact us if you need make custom matching set. Sword Noun Explananation Quenching

After the blade has been shaped, the sword would be quenched. We quench our swords in either water or oil. Water quenching produces a tougher edge which can also be hardened further more using clay. Blades quenched in oil are still considerably hardened and do have superior flexibility compared to a water quenched blade.

Folded Steel :

In the forging process , the most useful process is the folding, where the metals are forge welded, folded, and welded again, as many as 16 times. The folding removes impurities and helps even out the carbon content, while the alternating layers combine hardness with ductility to greatly enhance the toughness. The less impurities, the harder and sharper the blade will be. We have done cutting tests on the blades. it can cut bamboo(young bamboo tree), grass mattings and slice paper(The blade should be tilted at 45 degrees).

Clay tempered :

To maximize both the cutting edge and the resilience of the sword spine, a technique of differential heat-treatment is used. The sword is painted with layers of clay before heating, providing a thin layer or none at all on the edge of the sword, ensuring quick cooling to maximize the hardening for the edge. A thicker layer of clay is applied to the rest of the blade, causing slower cooling. This creates softer, more resilient steel, allowing the blade to absorb shock without breaking.

About 1095 carbon steel :

The best quality of high carbon steel is at 1095, the carbon content was 1.03%, and the element contains a small amount of chromium, molybdenum, vanadium, after heat treatment can reach HRc58-60 hardness, toughness is very good, but not resistant to rust, more be applied to traditional european-style hunting knife, large cutting knife and military dao. Such as the United States during world war ii "KA - BAR" saber is in 1095 as the blade material.Kobuse :

The vast majority of modern katana and wakizashi are the maru type which is the most basic, with the entire sword being composed of a single steel. The kobuse type is made using two steels, which are called hagane (edge steel) and shingane (core steel). Steel of different materials is forged and welded together to hammer the basic shape of the sword. This allows the overall blade to have a higher toughness and absorb a lot of impact. Reducing the possibility of breaking or bending to some extent. Makes the blade not only has high hardness, but also has super toughness

About us We have our own sword-casting factory.The factory is located in Longquan, a small town with a long history of sword-casting in China.Most of the famous Swords in China are made there.Rich raw materials, skilled technology, traditional sword casting technology from generation to generation.Real production process pictureThe traditional way of making sword by hand Delivery details a) Import duties, taxes and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer’s responsibility.b)Only paypal accepted. Paypal is convenient and safe for both of us.
c) If you have any problem after recieve the package (wrong size, wrong style, etc.).We always provide you with the best after-sales service. Please give us a chance to help you before you give us a bad response.Thank you very much!

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