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Body Armor ATACS-AU Plate Carrier Vest MOLLE size L For Sale

Body Armor ATACS-AU Plate Carrier Vest MOLLE size L

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Body Armor ATACS-AU Plate Carrier Vest MOLLE size L:

MOLLE Vest Tactical Body Armor Vest "Shark" colorATACS-AU, size L

Threat level rating: No (without plates or soft inserts)Manufacturer: UkrarmorModel:"Shark" AauType: Vestsize LargeReference material of the vest:CorduraThe vest is equippedwith MOLLYColor: ATACS-AUCondition:newMade in Ukraine The vest "Shark" hat a circular ballistic protection, including the back, chest and a man's sides. Modified version of the model "Corsair M", which conforms to the latest standards.Modular vest "Shark", has an improved ergonomic configuration of the security elements, and also allows to use them depending on the specifics of the tasks and the likely threats.Very convenient and practical in the real world. On the entire surface of the bulletproof vest is a belt tape system MOLLE, on which items of equipment and ammunition can be attached. All straps linesMOLLE vest have the same color in the color of the vest. Do not light up in the night and do not stand out in daylight. What makes 100% draining the terrain. Belt tape is manufactured according to TU U 13.2-31778043-115: 2015 on polyamide yarn, has maximum breaking loads. The vest "Shark" is a modular system and can completely disassemble. Made of a very robust and polyamide fabric "SCC-36," "TPS-12"). The modification of the body armor "Corsair M" was developed at the request of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine taking into account the provided draft tactical and technical conditions. The "Shark" model has been improved already from the point of view of practical field military tests of the previous model.
1. Regulation and the compound vest "Shark" in the shoulder area by means of a double overhead valves, which are attached via Velcro hook and loop fastener element to protect the breast from above and below, which provides an enhanced fixation.At the end of the shoulder edges of the valve mounting the chest sewn belt protection belt that provides quick release items of body armor for the urgent release of the user on their own or with the help of the second persons in the event of an emergency.2. Completion of bulletproof vests "Shark" can be supplemented with hard armor plates or soft Kevlar ballistic inserts (at an additional cost).3. On the inside surface of the cover in the flak vest there is a special voluminous cushioning material, which has channels that allow airflows to cool and remove moisture from the body.4. In the absence of removable side protection, fastening and regulation of the bulletproof vest at the waist is carried out by means of a belt and textile fasteners (Velcro). In the previous version, Fastex were used, but practical use (operation of the vest) showed that the Fastex have a number of drawbacks. In the first they are in the process of operation faster failing than the textile fastener. Secondly, in this place, when the body armor is used for a long time, they rub the body and squeeze the blood streams, which leads to discomfort and numbness. The Velcro textile closure completely eliminates this discomfort.5. The fastening of the left and right axle shafts of the side protection in front has a double fixation with a textile fastener. Side protection is attached to the breast protection cover and is additionally covered with a breast valve. On the edges of the left and right side protection elements, sewn belt tapes for their quick detachment from chest protection. Length of side wings adjustable.6. From the back on the top of the vest is rigidly fixed the evacuation line.7. In the side compartments, soft ballistic inserts and rigid armor plates can be placed.8. The left and right side elements of the body armor are protected by the MOLLE system from the back, this fastening allows you to adjust the bulletproof vest at the waist. This allows you to wear a vest like in summer on a T-shirt and in winter on a warm volumetric jacket.9. The bulletproof vest is equipped with a removable neck (collar) protection, which consists of two parts.10. In the inner volume of the external chest and back protection pockets are located pockets for placing armor plates from the 2nd to the 6th grade of protection standard of Ukraine or IIIA to IV level protection by USA Standart.11. The groin protection element is fastened with belt strips to the MOLLE slings located on the bottom of the chest cover from the inside.12. The chest valve on the bottom edge has a loop, which ensures its comfortable opening.13. Pockets for armored plates. This version of bulletproof vest provides for two pockets for the front plates. The first size is M (Medium) 25x30 cm / 9,84'x11.81', the second pockets for plate size is XL "Extra large" 30x35 cm / 11.81'x13.78'. The second pocket is designed for operation with maximum protection, in the absence of soft Kevlar ballistic inserts.14. The vest has 7 rows of MOLLE sling lines, for which you can install all necessary pouches, Mags, pockets for documents, a flashlight, walkie-talkie and other ammunition. All these pouches you can also buy in our -shop or on request if something you can not find on our page.
Detailed Specifications:Front panel;Back (rear) panelRemovable side/lateral protection: surface area - 10 dm2 (1.1 sq-ft), weight - 0,35 ± 0,05kg (0.77lbs)Detachable collar: surface area - 6.0 dm2 (0.65 sq-ft), weight - 0,28 ± 0,05kg (0.62lbs)Removable groin protection: surface area - 7.0 dm2 (0.75 sq-ft), weight - 0,28 ± 0,05kg (0.62lbs)Removable shoulder protection: surface area - 4.0 dm2 (0.43 sq-ft)
The standard version of the vest consists of9elements:The vest front, the vest rear, each side of the vest (left+right), the detachable shoulders and 2-piece neck collar, and the groin protector.
For additional cost the body armor can be completed:- soft ballistic inserts with para-aramid fabric "Kevlar" according to the Ukrainian standard (DSTU) or the US standard. The soft ballistic inserts is in a sealed case of waterproof fabric and has protection over the entire surface of the body armor vest.- armor plates in accordance with the standard of Ukraine (DSTU) or the US standard. The hard armor plates are located in the extra pockets of the body armor vest.
* In addition, the vest can be equipped with various pounches and Mags, as well as to increase the range of protective vests, by the following ingredients:- fixing the rifle belt;- protection of the pelvis (coccyx) of the lower rear side;- deltoid axillary lateral zoneelements;- camerbands for extra side plates;- extend the platforms.
Soft kevlar (aramid) ballistic inserts and hard plates are not included in the cost of the vest and can be ordered at extra cost.But if you complete it soft ballistic inserts, thanThis model complies with NIJ Standard-0101.06 for Ballistic Resistance of Body Armor
We are manufacturers of these vests.We can manufacture your vest in absolutely any size from XS to 5XL or more.If you need another size, please contact us and we will make you an offer.
By buying this vest in any of the available complete sets and color schemes, you get what you see.
If you have any questions, please ask, do not hesitate.So welcome to buy my lot. Enjoy your shopping, I still have a lot of other products of military and sporting themes.
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