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1942 WWII Panoramic Photo Co. A 7th Battalion- ALL NAMES IN LISTING For Sale

1942 WWII Panoramic Photo Co. A 7th Battalion- ALL NAMES IN LISTING

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1942 WWII Panoramic Photo Co. A 7th Battalion- ALL NAMES IN LISTING:

This is a panoramic picture along with 6 smaller pictures (built in) entitled "Co. A, 7th Battalion Engineer Replacement Training Center Fort Belvoir, Virginia March 1942 Captain C.C. Tabor, C.E. Commanding. It was taken by Schutz Photo Company in Washington, DC.It measures 40" X 10". The soldiers are identified as:


1ST Lt. C.H.German

2nd Lt.J.W.Latane

2nd Lt.R.C.Cavendish

2nd Lt. E.M. Paul, Jr.

2nd Lt. M.W.Haug

2nd Lt. D.J. Andrew


Wm. Fleischauer

C. Deering

W. Gusler

P. Cambareri

M. Deszoz

D. Carino

J.F. Dobek

J.H. Carmeron

F.B. Havens

J. Ferneza

J.A. Giles

Corp. J.O. Minnotte

Corp. F.N. Forconi

Corp. J. Yanoshak

Corp. F.W. Padum

Corp. D.J. Bushby

Sgt. E. Fronozek

Corp. M.W. Schepers

St. Sgt. H. Draper

1st. Lt. C.H. German

2nd Lt. R.C. Cavendish

Capt. C.C. Tabor

2nd Lt. J.W. Latane

2nd Lt. M.W. Haug

2nd Lt. E.M. Paul

1st Sgt. M.B. Cumbie

Pfc. C.L. Campbell

Sgt. R. Sloan

Corp. P. Bartenslager

Corp. J. Ehrenberg

Corp. R.M. Payne

Corp. E.J. Genre

Corp. A. Plourde

Corp. P.G. Smith

L.F. Guild

J. Turner

F. Webster

W. Flynn

H. Carroll

N. Galardo

J. Flanagan

J.E. Walsh, Jr.

Wm. Cyrulik

R. Ingavo


F.C. Dougherty

E.A. Guziec

W.F. Dykas

S. Chirico

J.A. Butsko

J. Esposito

K.H. Clarke

W.E. Burke

J. Bucher

L. Deshayes

J. Brennan

H. Caffari

V. Carleo

M. Cotyk

F. Kartanowicz

J.A. Jambor

W.J. Klimek

E.H. Fenstermaker

N. Fossi

K.W. Hamilton

J.S. Gura

Wm. Latchkosky

P. Bertolo

J. Baccanti

J. Bogis

F. Bonczek

J.F. Frame

J.S. Jaczynski

G. Hecker, Jr.

M. Kytchak

C.C. Darrow

S. Bilicki

J.C. Hoke

C.J. Ford

A.J. Carita

J.J. Alexander

R.M. Bartfay

J. Kosko, Jr.

E. James

E. Fertman

K.W. Fogel

W.S. Holland

E.L. Goldbach, Jr.

J. Kobak

R.M. Kelly

J.G. Garcia

A. Watson

E.E. Bull

L.H. Grimes

F. Grisanti

J. Harle

F. Bridenbaker

J. Hodiss

F. Catalano

T. Dubnicki

F.S. Chudzinski

J.C. Fadale


J. Risko

R.J. O'Keefe

J. Privette

F. Mains

A. Ward

W.F. Macatee

J.A. Ramsey

M.A. Snyder

M.N. Horton

Wm. M. Mooney, II

R.J. Mascari

E. Weisman

L.P. Knorr, Jr.

R.L. Tobin

F.T. Rosic

C. Keith

J.P. Carberry

E.U. Seigfried

J. Urbas

C.J. Merkel

D.M. Peck

S. Madjerich

F.W. Meisel

C. Sauers

T. Molyneaux

J. Slavinsky

J. Medved

J.J. Veltre

A. Pysz

W.L. Pelkey, Jr.

P. Marraccini

D.M. McGettigan

M. Mudryk

T. Loftus

I.G. Volpato

N. Saccani

J. Vitale

S.F. Sitler

A.J. Torbey

J.L. Linton

C.R. Albright

J.F. Patalsky

E.H. Peebles

H. Palmer

C. Berruti

J. Drago

Wm. A. Wilson

C. Pennay

P. Sabock

R.W. Adler

H.C. Franklin

A.J. Chamberlain

N.A. DeFrancesco

J.G. Van Kamerick

C.E. Cook

C.E. Davis

H.C. Griffith


J. Onderick

H.D. Miller

R.V. O'Mara

E.M. Randall

J.W. Tuttle

H.A. Shaw

H.G. Ball

L.L. Gamse

T. Sopel

Wm. J. Lubanovic

J.T. Viola

J.D. Stroup

S. Szwarc

G.L. Skinner

W.C. Archibald

R. Martin

D. Roland

H.O. Dahlen, Jr.

L.G. Sycz

F.E. Mills

J.M. Carr

Wm. S. Gillette, Jr.

H.W. Slifer

J.J. Coyne

J.E. Schmidt

J. Reese

F.A. Cox

E.L. Brown

F.H. Franklin

Wm. A. Speicher

D.E. Arnold

A.J. Murphy

F. Mitkowski

J.A. Barnell

A. Lubinskas

M.J. Skalaki

A. Anderson

C.E. Chapman

M.T. Broderick

M.J. Luh

J.W. Burnette

Wm. F. Losinger

H. Resnick

M.F. DeMatteo

E.E. Hinman

J.J. Connors

E.F. Hamels

T.L. Duchoslav

G.M. Anthony

J.T. Buchman

J.M. Davis

F.F. Bogary

R.J. Dougherty

G. Kurts

J.V. Donovan

S. Lalick

J.J. Kalbach

M.A. Jakub

This item is in good condition for its age. There is slight discoloration at the top,center. It also has a couple of creases from being rolled.

Our specialty is reuniting "Orphaned Heirlooms" back to families. We are the world's largest source of found family heirlooms such as this. We havethousands ofidentified antiques and artifacts. We only add a very small percentage to .

Our subscription website,JUSTAJOYhas items associated with more than100,000 last names– each indexed for easy searching. These items are posted by members throughout the United States and in other countries. We regularly match photos, documents, military items, Family Bibles, advertising items, wanted posters and much more back to families.

Please visit our site, today, and just type in a last name to find out if we have anything your descendantswill cherish for generations to come.

Thanks for looking and for offerding. Please contact us with any questions. We would be happy to hear from you. (J-2544*)
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